Time Chasers  by Uri Dushy

Time Chasers by Uri Dushy

About the Artist:

Over the past decades Uri Dushy has been investigating the origins of art.
In his personal, non-compromising way, he insists upon joining and creating within artistic genres unprecedented to him,
provocatively challenging, mastering and adopting technical professional production processes.
There is a considerable amount of daring at times bordering on the naive in the manner by which Uri Dushy copes with the nearly impossible challenges he undertakes. Perhaps in this course of his lies the key to understanding his success in the field of Israeli public art
and the international exhibition establishments frequented by his works over the last decades.
Genuine and profound love of the creation process along with true inspiration from both classic and current artwork characterize Uri Dushy's works.
Uri Dush appreciates beauty and aesthetics, believing that it is his professional responsibility to contribute to their existence in the world.
Uri Dushy's photo collage works have created a new artistic language.
Combining details of various segments of urban reality within the framework of one picture enables to refer to specific
places and events with which Dushy becomes acquainted.
Parallel to his Israeli career, Uri Dushy exhibited in one-man exhibitions around the world and participated in numerous group exhibitions and international art projects.