About Nisnas Industries

Nisnas Industries started out as a community initiative in the Wadi Nisnas Neighbourhood of Haifa. Nisnas is equal parts community initiative and business venture. NI donated proceeds from its profits to local Haifa based social initiatives. 

Our humble beginning was in a small hole-in-the-wall store we called the cave (because it looked like one) in the middle of the ancient marketplace of Wadi Nisnas. 

The store was once an ancient stockroom for olive oil and livestock and over the past 300 years has changed little. We claimed it for a while and taught the value of bike commuting and cycling skills to local youth in the area while making our own bicycle gear. 

Slowly our connection with local craftsmen grew and our love for cycling and commuting along with our local partners lead us toward a creation of more wood and leather gear. 

We love our home and believe deeply in the tradition of the craft. Our innovative leather and wood designs are a result of decades of experience in the cycling industry but more importantly of cooperation with our friends and neighbors who have honed their craft over decades.