About El cid gallery

El Cid Gallery is an art gallery which includes both antiques and modern design.At the gallery you will find Mammoth Ivory Carvings, Glass Crystals and Modern Art Work.

We believe in innovation, outstanding originality and attractive out of the box design work.We follow the decoration trends and keeping the olds trends alive (vintage).We believe in bringing life and character to any space easily and affectively.We believe in professional, loyal and personal service to our clients.We believe in guidance and supervision from the early steps (such as brain storming and designs) to the final steps and outcome of the projects.We believe in our donation to the rise of a product value in general.During the years we developed projects that are pioneers in our field for our clients.One of our goals is to bring to life our clients message and create in the clients a positive memory and bond with the company.

El Cid gallery products