About Tal angel

Tal Angel is a new brand from fashion designer and artist Tal Angel.

Angel is a graduate of Parson’s school of design in NYC and Paris. She has been the leading designer of the lifestyle brand Bikaleh for the past 18 years and is now launching a new brand of textile accessories to be sold globally. 

Angel’s current collection of scarves and handkerchiefs is an original and unique design statement, digitally printed on 100% extra fine crepe-silk. 

Her goal is to create timeless collections using her vision and skills as an artist, deriving her inspiration from her love for nature and her fascination with materials and textures. Integrating past and present into her work, enveloping memories and dreams into her visual language, combining high-end photography with her unique drawing skills, Angel creates an outstanding visual impression in her scarves, portraying a spectacular emotional landscape, evoking playfulness alongside refined sophistication and serenity. 

Angel’s rich imagery is printed on the finest quality silk fabric, offering a product of unique value and exquisite quality, combining the softness and delicacy of the silk with the best and upcoming digital printing technologies.

Tal angel's scarfs