About Tehoti

TeHoTi’s studio was established out of love to everything vintage. Inspired by the realm of children design post WW2 – rubber dolls, magazines, postcards and board games – we founded TeHoTi with the vision of making previous century’s 40s to 60s design accessible to today’s children, designers and collectors, to enable the enrichment of nurseries, kids’ rooms and homely spaces with artifacts that bring to memory what we believe is a pinnacle of modern time style. 

TeHoTi figurines are made of polyresin, a material that grants our retro dolls with both durability and great level of detail. Each and every item is hand painted to the last detail. 

Our products are great as home décor, they are the perfect addition to collectors and vintage lovers and are a great asset for gift stores, children’s designers’ stores and vintage shops.

Tehoti dolls