Alba Rosa Mask

Alba Rosa Mask

Large-size Alba rosa mask in red and pink colours with purple metalic flowers and golden trimming.

Height: 97 cm

Width: 72 cm

Length: 33 cm

Volume: 0.23 cbm

Weight: 11 kg

The fine old tradition from Venice, Italy, brings the creation of the ornate Venetian mask. These beautifully decorated masks make perfect wall features!


We provide an extensive range of Venetian masks in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Our products are handcrafted and intricately painted with high-quality paints. Some of our designs include Abla Azzura mask, Buffone Clown mask, Saracino mask, Jolly Ridente mask, Ombra mask, Volto Artistico maks, Jolly Bacco mask and Sun and Moon Sole E Luna mask.


These crafted and elaborate Venetian masks are the ideal attraction to give a room character and charm. These items are wonderful in a restaurant, cocktail bar, coffee bar, masked parties and balls, Masquerade carnivals and events. These masks are the perfect way to bring an air of mystery and allure!