Mammoth Ivory- Seven Lucky Gods

Mammoth Ivory- Seven Lucky Gods

This is an extraordinary Set Of The Seven Lucky Gods made out from Mammoth ivory Tusk laid on teak wood.
This set comes with a wooden bridge and the Seven Lucky Gods are laid on top.
Seven Lucky Gods, refer to the seven gods of good fortune in Japanese mythology and folklore.
They used to travel together on their treasure shipand dispense happiness to believers.
Each deity existed independently and have is own power and symbolises diffrent things
Below is the list of the Seven Gods and their unique characteristics :

1) Hotei, the fat and happy god of abundance and good health

2) Jurōjin, god of long life

3) Fukurokuju, god of happiness, wealth and longevity

4) Bishamonten, god of warriors

5) Benzaiten (Benten-sama), goddess of knowledge, art and beauty, especially music

6) Daikokuten (Daikoku), god of wealth, commerce and trade.

Ebisu and Daikoku are often paired and represented as carvings or masks on the walls of small retail shops

7) Ebisu, god of fishers or merchants, often depicted carrying a sea bream

* Mammoth ivory Legal to ship worldwide with CITES
* We don't deal with illegal elephant ivory