Statue Of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty

Replica USA Statue Of Liberty made from resin material with life-like green finish.

Height: 160 cm

Width: 43 cm

Length: 45 cm

Volume: 0.3096 cbm

Weight: 15 kg

Welcome to our extensive range of America figures and decor products. Fly the stars and stripes proud!


Our range of American features includes a replica life-size Statue of Liberty and Justice Lady. We also have USA military figures, comical politician figures with small body and large head, baseball figures, American football figures, NASA space figures and President Barak Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.


All our products are hand crafted from resin material and skilfully painted with high quality paints, using intricate patterns and features. These patriotic American features can be great in a house, USA shops displays, USA sport stores, American pubs and restaurants or American themed functions and events.


With our décor products you will surely feel like you are in the United States of America!