The Black Rally Silk Scarf

Wearing a scarf with a photograph of a social rally is a real statement! This beautiful image was taken by the photographer Eldad Rafaeli during the social uprising in Tel-Aviv in the summer of 2011. His unique way of depicting the crowd brings not only the density of the moment but also a strong sense of aesthetics and emotion. Surely you will not be ignored with this striking piece wrapped around your neck...

>  LIMITED EDITION OF 12  so you get exclusivity on your chosen design

>  100% pure crépe-silk of the best premium quality for an irresistible softness

> 90x90 cm / 35x35 inch  the classic timeless carré size

> 100% color fastness guarantied so you can enjoy everlasting vibrant colors

>  extra fine machine pin-hem made by the best professional tailors

>  Gender Neutral : the perfect accessory for Men and Women alike

>  Made in Great Britain by UK's leading and most innovative digital fabric printing company 


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